About La Boule


Here at La Boule we feel that is what good pastry should do, bring joy. Pastries are more than just food for your body; a well made pastry is an experience. Taste, texture and appearance all contribute to that experience. We want it to be something special. This is why we use only the finest ingredients we can get, from pure vanilla beans to Valrhona chocolate to organic flour and only real butter, quality ingredients help shape a quality product. We use those ingredients to make absolutely everything in house, by hand from scratch. Our team of pastry chefs and apprentices are dedicated to using their skills, experience and talent to craft truly wonderful products from the fine ingredients we bring in.

Our back of house team is lead by our Executive Pastry Chef and owner, Jennifer Stang.  Born and raised in Edmonton (Northside!), Jennifer’s passion for baking and cooking was nurtured from endless hours spent in her Grandmother, Minnie’s, kitchen. Minnie was lovely companion for a creative child and allowed all sorts of early experimentation, despite often disastrous results on Jennifer’s part.  


Being a pastry chef was something Jennifer dreamed of, but thought it could only be a hobby, not a viable career choice. The passion for pastry and baking was so strong that after her third year of university Jennifer left to try to pursue her dreams.

Jennifer graduated from the NAIT Culinary Arts program in December 2008, finishing first in her class, she went on to obtain her Alberta Journeyman Cook and Interprovincial Red Seal. Jennifer has worked in various restaurants, hotels and bakeries in Edmonton including the, then, Shaw Conference Centre. It was during her time at the Conference Centre that she was asked to join Culinary Team Canada. As the first female Pastry Chef on Culinary Team Canada, Jennifer competed with the team at the Culinary Olympics in Germany in 2012. The team received a Gold medal for their hot presentation in the Restaurant of Nations and a silver medal for their cold presentation, finishing in fourth place overall.

In 2016 Jennifer decided to open her own Patisserie and Bakery. Once the East Whyte location was found, La Boule Patisserie & Bakery opened very quickly and has been called a gem in the neighborhood. Jennifer loves what she does and it shows in the beautiful, high quality, delicious bread and pastries she and her staff create. 

But La Boule wouldn’t be possible without the hard work, support and direction brought by Roseanne Stang-Tarrabain, the mother half of the duo. New to the never easy and always demanding, restaurant industry, Roseanne manages the daily operations of La Boule and keeps us all on track. Coming from an accounting background, mainly in the construction industry, Roseanne jumps into all aspects of the bakery as efficiently and effectively as she does the book keeping.

We hope that your experience at La Boule Patisserie & Bakery brings you as much joy as it brings to us, and thank you for your continued support. We wouldn’t be here without your love of pastry too.

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